Baby I love your way
Baby I love your way


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damnclifford asked:
hey Quinn can u ask everyone if they want me aka emmi aka tequiladrew to come back ??


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also i vote yes x100 ok ok

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A cute memory with my boyfriend: I was having a really bad day at school once so bad I had to get checked out. But after school he came over to my house and we cuddled, while we cuddled he rubbed my back and whispered sweet things in my ear...




It totally does, the sad part is we aren’t together anymore…..


Me everyday.

Beauty isn’t always skin deep~Drew fan fiction chapter 7 

I was standing in the shop folding and re-stocking some shirts when there were arms placed around my waist and a opened mouth kiss on my bare shoulder. I laughed and placed my hands on top of his and leaned back on to him.
“How are you beautiful?” Drew asked
“I’m good how about you sexy?” I questioned with a smile. He smiled “I’m doing fantastic now” I laughed then turn around “and why is that?” I said with a smirk “because I’m here with you and we are going to get lunch” He said placing a kiss on my forehead. I smiled then went and grabbed my purse then grabbed his hand and hollered “Guys I’m leaving have fun” they laughed then “Don’t get pregnant be safe” I laughed then walked out the door with Drew on my side. This has been going on for a few days and to be truthfully honest I loved it. We weren’t an actual couple but we sure as hell acted like we were. I’ve never been happier then when I’m with Drew and its crazy to think that cause we have only been with each other for a few weeks.
“So where do you want to eat?” Drew asked while spinning me. “How about we go back to my place and I can cook something, then we can watch a movie or something” I said laughing. “Sounds perfect” Drew said before we start making towards my house. Once we got there I unlocked the door then walked in and waited for Drew to come in before I turned around and placed my hands on his very toned chest “How about spaghetti does that sound okay?” he nodded with a smile. I kissed his cheek then went in to the kitchen and started making lunch. I was stirring the sauce when hands were placed over my eyes “Guess who” Drew whispered in my ear trying to be funny. “Hmm is it Wes?” I said with a laugh he sighed “No guess again” “um Keaton, no Zeke” I said with a smirk. I could almost feel the frown on his face. I took his hands of my eyes them turned around to where I was facing him “I knew it was you all along I was just playing along” I said before standing on my tippy toes and kissing his cheek. “you better have” he said which startled a laugh out of me. “Lunch is done so I will dish it up” I said while grabbing two bowls and dishing up the food before walking into the living room and placing myself down on the couch next to where Drew had made himself comfortable. We ate in silence, till Drew asked to take my bowl into the kitchen and place them in the sink. He came back and sat in the same place. Drew ran his hand up my thigh before pulling me over so that I was straddling him and was really close to him. “You want to know something?” Drew asked. I nodded then looked at him very sweetly. “This is the happiest I have ever been, even tho me and the guys were on the x factor and are starting to get big. You make me so happy and I thought only music could make me feel this way but you totally are beating the music” He said while drawing small circles on the little bit of skin that showed after my tank top rose up. ” Its going to so hard to leave you when we go on tour” I looked at him shocked, he was telling me all this even tho our relationship wasn’t even official yet. But the whole tour thing kinda scared me. “Venice I would really like for you to be more to me alot more” he stopped and placed his hand on my left cheek and ran his thumb up and down my scar. “I would really like it if you would be my girlfriend, I know we just met like a few weeks ago but I don’t want you to be with anyone else so please please me my girlfriend” I looked at him shocked I didn’t expect this, but I definitely wanted it to happen. “Yes” I whispered only loud enough for me to hear, Drew looked at me again “Yes” I said little louder so that he could hear it. Drew grew a huge smile on his face before he hugged me really tight. I was so happy he finally asked me out I just hope it all works out. “I promise we will make this work no matter how many miles away from each other we are” He said as if he was reading my mind. I smiled and nodded before cuddling in to his chest. We spent the rest of the night watching movies and talking. It was just perfect.

Awkward selfie!!
Anonymous asked:
Hello beautiful! I just thought that I would stop by and tell you how amazing you are. Love your blog btw. <3 I hope you have a wonderful year (and all the years after) Stay beautiful!

OMG WAIT DONT LEAVE!! that was very sweet of you. It totally just made my year!! Can I know who you are??


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hi babygirl.

2014 will be six years without you. that’s a really long time. i miss you each day, and you’re never really off my mind. you know, I wanted to get a tattoo for you? haha, but of course my parents shot me down.. i love you. i miss you like crazy. i wish you would have stayed. i wish…

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Imagine for newyorkvouge
You and Keaton have been Friends for such a long time that you have seemed to develop feelings on a more serious note but you don’t want to tell him cause you don’t know if he gels the same way. Today you a Keaton were hanging out when he just jumped up and ran up the stairs of their very nice big house and to his room. You didn’t think anything of it and just stayed where you were at. Keaton came down with his guitar! “I’m going to teach you how to play” Keaton said “um okay” you said little startled. Keaton sat down next to you and put the guitar in your lap then put his arms on your arms as you placed them in the right spots. The feelings of his hands on your hands and how close you were to each other was amazing to you, you had butterflies and were blushing like crazy. “okay now strum” Keaton said after placing your fingers where they belonged for that certain note.  After a while you had been getting a hang of it and your fingers were starting to hurt and your feelings were starting to grow. “um thanks Keaton for teaching me” you said while looking up at him as he placed your fingers on another note “oh its not a problem at all” he said with a smile then he just looked at you like he has never before his eyes that you learned to love were looking from your eyes to your lips over and over again ” Keaton will you do me another favor” you whispered before moving closer to him, if that was even possible “what?” Keaton whispered back “kiss me” you whispered. Keaton didn’t second guess that before he placed his lips on your lips, there was butterflies and sparks everywhere. It was just the perfect moment for everything.
——————————————— I hope you enjoy it. I realized it was more of a oneshot then an imagine but who cares!!

Beauty isn’t always skin deep~ Drew fan fiction chapter 6 part 2 

"Hurry up slow poke I’m starving" I laughed at how startled he got after I said then, he came a dried off and got his stuff together before we start to head to the closet burger place they had at the pier.

I was eating when I noticed eyes on me I looked up to see some girls staring at me and it made me very uncomfortable.
“Drew, why are they staring at us?” I whispered across the table.
“Cause you are eating with Drew Chadwick from emblem3 and cause they are so jealous at how beautiful you are” that startled a laugh out of me.
Drew was in a band but I thought people treated him like a normal person I guess not. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to eating, of course me and Drew talked and all but with all the people staring I had to leave early cause it was making me really uncomfortable.
“Drew sorry to cut your meal short but um can we leave all the stares are making me very uncomfortable” I kinda whispered with a scared tone, I don’t know why I was so scared but I was so close to hyperventilate, I’m used to stares but these stares were different.
“of course, lets get some ice cream and I’ll walk you home” Drew said while laying money on the table before grabbing my hand as we walked out of the restaurant. We went and got ice cream and made our way to my house.
“Venice does this usually happen?” Drew asked.
“no never, the stares are normal for me because of my scares but there were so many tonight and so many people talking I had some weird feeling that I couldn’t control any longer” I said while looking at my feet as we walked.
“oh okay” he said.
We walked the rest of the way to my house in silence. Once we got there we stopped right out side my door
“Thanks Drew for today” I said while kissing his cheek. He nodded, I opened my door and stepped inside and closed the door. I set my bag down when there was another knock on my door. I was so confused to who was at my door but I opened it anyways to see Drew back to the door.
“Drew?” I questioned which caused him to turn around.
“I forgot something” he said, I was so confused but before I could say anything his hands were covering my cheeks and his plump lips that I have dreamed about were on my lips, it took me a few before I placed my hands on his hands and kissed back.
I pulled back “Wow” was all I could make my mouth said
“I know” Was all Drew said before leaving me standing in my doorway watching him leave

Beauty isn’t always skin deep~Drew fan fiction chapter 6 part 1

woke up the next morning to my phone ringing the most annoying sound in the world. Which was unusual cause it usually sings a Justin Bieber song depending on the person calling. Without looking at the caller ID. I answered my phone to here a very raspy voice saying good morning.
“Good morning Drew, what is so important that you have to wake me from my amazing dreams about you” I said with a yawn afterwards, I heard him chuckle “well I guess I’ll go surfing alone then since Mr grumpy gills on the other like doesn’t want to say” I shot up in my bed then screamed off the top of my lungs “OH HELL NO IM GOING SURFING WITH YOU” Drew laughed so loud he could probably wake up everyone in the neighborhood. ” then get you lazy sexy ass up and in a swimming suit before I get there in 10 minutes” I could almost hear the smirk that was probably laid upon his perfect face. I nodded then realized I was on the phone “Yes daddy” I said in a jokingly matter before hanging my phone up and then throw my phone on my bed before getting up and walking to my dresser to find my blue Victoria secret bikini I got last summer. I know that I hate my scars but I don’t want to stop wearing the things I have because of them. I stripped then put the bikini on before pulling my long hair over to then side to braid it. Once I was done braiding it I put together a little bag for the beach when there was a knock on my door. I kinda ran skipped to my front door, to open it and find Drew leaning against the door frame smiling like an idiot.
“Good morning Drew” I said with a smile
“Are you ready beauty?” Drew asked will closing the door behind him.
“Almost just let my grab some flip flops and my bag then we are good to go” I kinda scram because I was in the other room. I grabbed my stuff then walked out to see looking at the picture frames on the table at the end of my couch.
“Drew” I said and it kinda startled him.
” Oh okay well lets go before all the waves are gone” Drew said opening the front door and waiting for me to walk out. I loved to surf but I broke my board a few days ago and haven’t bought a new one so Drew being the kind person he is brought another one for me to use today. It didn’t take long for us to get to the beach, it was kinda cloudy today but the sun was still out. Once we got there we grabbed out stuff and made it to a spot where we can lay out or stuff.
” Well you ready?” Drew asked, I had seem to busy myself to not notice Drew strip his shirt off and now was just wearing a swimming suit. I looked him up and down, at the moment I noticed his tattoos and that he had more then a pretty face. I was totally staring and he totally knew cause he laughed. I blinked then Nodded before I pulled my shorts and shirt off to show my baby blue swimming suit, I wasn’t the only one staring today.
“Last one to the ocean, buys dinner. Pretty boy” I whispered to him before picking up my board and running to the ocean as fast I can, once I hit the water I regretted it. The water was freezing,
“haha your buying dinner” I laughed while paddling out to hopefully catch a wave.
After about 30 minutes I was just sitting on my board watching the waves flow up when I was pushed off my board, I swam up and saw Drew laughing really hard
“Well looks like your buying dessert too” I said while getting on my board and padding back to shore. Once I got there I started drying off and getting dressed, I looked over to see Drew still trying to get out of the ocean